Albert borrows a cup of milk from Esther and is delighted to see Tom Hayes again after many years, having heard that he's been doing well in London. Tom tells him he's staying for a few days. After Albert's left, Esther tells Tom that he can't stay permanently. He tells her of the various jobs he's had which have failed but that he has good prospects in the future. Linda thinks that Ivan is up to something but he keeps mum. Tom surprises Esther when he tells her he's staying up north and not returning to London. She thinks he's not getting anywhere in life but he uses his charm on her to persuade her to be more optimistic. Linda tells Elsie about the pram she's seen. Ida plans to visit her mother, Nancy, as she's worried about her health. Ena tries to get some free tins of soup out of Florrie using coupons. She makes the acquaintance of Tom after many years and arranges credit for him at the Corner Shop on Esther's account. Elsie buys the pram for Linda in cash from Babyland and is flattered when the assistant thinks it's for her child. Ken cooks for Frank and David in Ida's absence. She returns and tells them her mother has given in and agreed to move in with them when they're ready for her. Linda is delighted with the pram. Dennis looks forward to being an uncle. They're all surprised when Ivan wheels in a second identical pram that he's just bought.


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Esther Hayes: "I'm lonely sometimes, but never desperately lonely - there's always someone. If I went away from here there might be no one at all. As it is, I might not be content but I'm never completely alone."

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