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Emma and Charlie have a night in at No.7 as Curly is still away. Deirdre goes round to No.1 to pick up some clothes. She bumps into Ken and they talk. He apologises for his behaviour and they hug and make up. However Ken then admits that he's glad she's back as it's the hearing in a couple of days and he needs her there. Deirdre is furious as she thinks this is the only reason he wants her back. She storms out and goes back to Dev's flat. Geena is getting fed up of having Deirdre staying there, feeling that she and Dev have no privacy. Emma accuses Linda of having put the brick through her window. Linda denies it and in turn accuses Ryan of having done it. Ryan denies it but Linda doesn't believe him. Duggie is annoyed as neither Fred nor Mike seem to be interested in running the Rovers. Mike calls round at Ken's to see Adam. Ken won't let him. They start to argue about the custody hearing. Both Mike and Ken each think that they're going to win. Ryan is stalking Emma again. He's waiting outside her back gate and is about to pounce when she opens the back door to put out some empty bottles but then he sees Charlie and runs. Emma senses that there was someone there.


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