Candice tells Sarah that she's her alibi that night for Darren Michaels when she's at Todd's house. Sarah doesn't agree with Candice having two boyfriends. Ken offers to take Adam to a local football match but Mike turns up with tickets to Manchester United v Leeds. Adam is confused but Ken tells him he can go with Mike. Curly is reluctant to leave Emma so soon after the inquest and has asked Alma to keep an eye on her. Vik tells Geena about Karen and Steve, and tells her that he isn't bothered about it. Emma agrees to have Norris's birthday party at her house. Deirdre has taped the football match for Ken to watch with Adam later but she still argues with Ken when he accuses her of running to Mike whenever he clicks his fingers. Sarah almost tells Todd about Darren, but can't actually bring herself to. Later Darren turns up looking for Candice and David tells Darren she is with Todd. Vik tells Steve he is welcome to Karen. Peter tells Ken he should do something about Mike so Ken decides he will move to Scotland. Todd and Candice's date is ruined when Darren turns up and tells Todd that Candice is a two-timer. Todd dumps Candice and throws her out.


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