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Candice tells Sarah that she gave Todd a love bite. Sarah is disapproving. Eileen teases Todd about his love bite which he desperately tries to hide. Eileen worries about Todd - fearing Candice is too mature for him and asks Dennis to have a manly chat with him. Todd won't listen to Dennis as he's not his father and Dennis feels a failure in the task. Deirdre takes Adam to work with her. Adam is tearful about Susan, and Mike witnesses the scene and decides to take him out for the day. Mike, Adam and Linda go for pizza and Adam has a great time. Ryan works hard at the factory not even taking a tea break. Karen sticks up for him when the girls hassle him. Ryan tells Linda how much he misses Dean and they decide to go to the inquest together. Steve apologises to Karen but she sends him on his way. Later she goes to his flat to apologise and they share a passionate kiss.


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