Ashley and Maxine invite Emma and Curly, Charlie and Matt round for supper. Charlie and Emma get on really well and Maxine ends up feeling left out. She's been reading up on fertility and makes Ashley stand in the garden to "cool down". Vik still doesn't believe Steve and is still hell-bent on breaking up their partnership. Dev offers Steve £12,000 to sell him his half of the Street Cars business. Deirdre tells Ken that she's told Adam the truth about Mike. Ken is furious and is more determined than ever to move up to Glasgow. He goes to see a solicitor who says he has a good chance of getting custody but implies that it might be better if he and Deirdre were married. Ken shocks Deirdre by asking her to marry him. Gail asks Sam to stop for tea. The kids are delighted as Sarah fancies him and David wants to be a mechanic just like Sam.


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