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Vik suspects that something has gone on between Karen and Steve. Karen tells him that Steve tried it on and she turned him down. Steve tries to tell him the truth but he believes Karen. Vik tells Steve that it's the end of their friendship and the Street Cars business. Sally is still concerned that Kevin is staying with Natalie. Ken and Adam are back from Glasgow. Ken suggests to Deirdre that they should all move to Glasgow and live in Susan's flat as it would be easier for Adam. Deirdre is not keen on the idea at all. Jason tells Candice that Todd really fancies her. Candice asks him out and he agrees. Sarah is most put out as it was she who fancied Todd originally. Adam bumps into Mike in the street. They chat for a few seconds but then Ken comes and pulls Adam away. Ken tells him that it would be best to stay away from Mike. Adam tells Deirdre that he thinks Mike is a creep because he has ignored him all his life and then thinks he can just walk back in when he feels like it. Deirdre tells him that he's wrong, that Mike didn't even know of his existence until a few weeks ago. Adam is stunned.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 9.45pm on ITV1 due to coverage of Champions League football, however it received its first true transmission on ITV2 at 7.15pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Deirdre reveals all to Adam. Vik and Steve clash over Karen.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,370,000 viewers (8th place - combined figure including repeat). ITV2 UK broadcast - 250,000 viewers (1st place for the channel)
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