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Ken and Adam set off for Glasgow to collect Adam's belongings. Deirdre is concerned as it becomes clear that Ken wants Adam to move in with them rather than Peter. Sarah decides that she fancies Todd and Candice fancies his older brother Jason. They are both upset when they find out that Jason thinks that Candice is too young and Todd admits to Sarah that he fancies Candice. Anthony and Rita have a reconciliation. Rita still doesn't approve of him divorcing Isabel but she realises that she can't go on without Anthony as he means too much to her. Natalie phones Geena and tells her that she had a baby girl called Laura, 9lb 3oz. Much to Sally's annoyance, Kevin goes to visit Natalie and the baby. Karen cooks Vik a birthday meal but his car breaks down so he can't make it. Steve ends up eating Vik's share and he and Karen become quite intimate. When Karen kisses Steve he pulls away saying he can't cheat on his best mate. Karen is angry and tells him that he just hasn't got the guts but she knows he really wants her.


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