Susan Barlow's funeral takes place. She is buried next to her mother, Val. Mike turns up uninvited to the funeral. Adam finds it all too much and runs crying from the graveside. Mike stops him and tells him that he is his father. Adam punches him. Peter Hartnell comes to collect Jackie Mosley to take her back to her real mum. Roy and Hayley are very sad to see her go. Jackie buys them some chocolates as a thank-you. Rita is still very upset with Anthony and tells Sally that she fees like the "scarlet woman". Sam has been chucked out by his mum so Kevin tells him he can stay with him. Mike, Linda and Dev discuss the fact that if Mike wants to see his son he should get a good lawyer. Vik is worried that Karen and Steve are becoming too friendly so he decides to set Steve up with Bobbi thinking that it will solve his problem. Ken explains to Adam who Mike is, that he was once married to Adam's mother. He tells Adam that Mike is a nasty piece of work and that he should keep away from him.


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