Hayley and Roy are over-enthusiastic in their treatment of Jackie Mosley and are disappointed when she wants to go about her normal business. Charlie is unhappy at having to go to the Peacocks' house for dinner, but Matt is eager to get to know the neighbours. Rita is uneasy with Anthony's decision to divorce Isabel, and refuses to talk about it. Matt has a visit from Liz Morrisey, the buildings control manager who promises to sort out the smell in the Medical Centre. She confronts Duggie over his shoddy work, and informs his that he'll never get another council contract. Rita confides in Emily about Anthony's divorce. Emily is disgusted at Anthony's actions, and suggests that Anthony may only be seeking a divorce in order to marry Rita. Sally is uncomfortable when she has to tell Kevin not to come to the house anymore. Emily is cold and abrupt to Anthony in the Street. Fred advises Mike to seek legal advice about access to Adam. Matt and Charlie spend the evening with Ashley and Maxine. The boys end up watching the football while Maxine and Charlie struggle to maintain conversation. Charlie ends up faking a headache in order to leave early. Anthony defends himself to Rita, maintaining that his actions are honourable and based on years of loneliness. Peter tells Mike that he'll have no chance of gaining access to Adam. A furious Mike tells Linda that he's determined to gain access to his son, whatever the legal costs.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Mike decides to fight for his rights, and Hayley finds that being a mother is not all she hoped it would be.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,770,000 viewers (7th place).
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