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Rita suggests to Anthony that he moves in next door in Alec Gilroy's old flat. Danny and Kevin use Rosie and Sophie to score points off each other. Sam distributes flyers advertising his return to stripping as The Masked Python. Todd and Jason try and take the mickey out of Dennis telling him that they always had a Chinese takeaway on Fridays but he and Eileen turn the tables on the disgusted pair by getting a meal that they say is baby octopus cooked in its own ink. Linda confides to Geena about her worries about Mike but Geena reveals all about Mike and Susan's child. Linda is dismayed to find that she's the last to know. Susan arrives and summons Mike and Ken to a meeting. Mike pledges to follow Susan's wishes, but Ken accuses him of trying to disrupt Adam's life for the sake of it. Mike teases Ken about his strained relationship with his own daughter. The conversation ends in a bitter row. Mike forces Deirdre to admit that she thinks Ken is in the wrong.


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