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Eileen shouts at Todd and Jason for not making Dennis welcome. They are happy that he is not moving in. Roy and Hayley receive a copy of Peter Hartnell's report, which is very encouraging, but Roy finds it hard to be happy as he thinks that the worst is yet to come. Les threatens Jason regarding Dennis but Jason doesn't seem to pay much attention. Tyrone shouts at Danny for selling the dodgy tub of Greasol. Dev and Geena go to Mike and Linda's flat for dinner. Mostly Dev and Mike talk about business, but later in the evening Dev feels sorry for Mike and tells him about his son Adam. Roy and Hayley find out that instead of having months to prepare for their panel interview, they have until the end of the week. Dennis goes to see Eileen, apologises and says he is prepared to move in if she will have him. Sam owns up about the Greasol, Tyrone is furious. In the midst of their argument Tyrone ruins Jack and Vera's new kitchen by putting a hot bowl on the work surface.


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