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Dennis doesn't seem as keen as Eileen to move in with each other. Sally goes to Newcastle to help her sister and family while she is in hospital, but she is uneasy at the thought of leaving Danny alone with the girls. Geena and Linda discuss ways of making Geena and Dev's relationship more "official"; as a result, Linda invites them to dinner with her and Mike. Tyrone actually admits that he thinks Sam and Maria have slept together. Tyrone and Maria have a row about this but when he sees how upset she is he believes her and they make up. Sam realises the rash he and Maria have has been caused by his tin of Greasol. Anthony and Rita go out and when they return Amanda is waiting outside claiming to have lost her keys. Amanda expects Anthony to go home with her but he is firm and says no. This annoys Amanda and when Anthony is out of earshot she threatens Rita by implying that she will never let Anthony go. Dennis tells Eileen that he is not ready to move in with her.


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