Breakfast at the Grimshaws' house is awkward. Dennis is embarrassed in front of Todd and Jason. Eileen announces she is having a housewarming party. Maxine seems obsessed about becoming pregnant, she wants to have tests done on Ashley's hair to make sure he isn't deficient in anything. Deirdre is concerned that Mike should have a right to know about Adam. Curly and Emma return from New York. Dennis talks to Jason about his staying over but Jason is not very welcoming and implies that there have been many more before him; Dennis feels uncomfortable. Les wanders around trying to learn the "knowledge" and tells Vik he'll be able to drive for them when he passes - much to Vik's shock and horror. Ken and Deirdre discuss and then row about the situation with Susan and Mike. Ken tells her that she has to choose who she is more loyal to - him or Mike.


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