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Eileen moves into No.11. Toyah cuts her hand and Duggie insists on taking her to the medical centre. He tries to convince her that he is not a villain and she seems to soften towards him. Deirdre tells Dev that Ken's grandson is Mike's son. Tyrone boasts to Dennis and Kevin of his night of passion. Ken meets his grandson Adam; although it is initially awkward and emotional they soon begin to get along. It is Deirdre who is the most uncomfortable. Alex Swinton stirs up trouble with Roy but Roy loses his patience and throws him out of the cafe. Eileen's younger son Todd says he doesn't want to live at No.11 because there is a bad vibe. Dennis is uneasy because he thinks Todd doesn't want him around. Danny tells Kevin that they are planning to move away. Karen and Vik go out on another date. Susan warns Deirdre that if she tells Mike about Adam, she and Ken will never see either of them again.


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