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Roy manages to get Wayne Hayes to open up slightly about why he is in the children's home, but when Hayley announces she has contacted his mother he looks miserable. Alex Swinton, his mother's boyfriend, comes to collect Wayne. He is full of false charm and Wayne is obviously uncomfortable around him. Janice melts when Les gives her an emerald ring. From their window, Roy sees Alex hit Wayne. Roy confronts him and demands that Wayne stays with them. Alex backs down for the time being and leaves. Kevin gets upset when an off-hand comment from Natalie about her pregnancy reminds him of Alison and Jake. He admits to Natalie that he feels guilty about her death because he slept with Sally on the night before their wedding. Vera comes home and is amazed at the new kitchen and is even more stunned when Jack presents her with tickets for a three-week Caribbean cruise. The atmosphere is tense at No.1 and Liz storms out after a comment from Peter. Roy, Hayley and Wayne enjoy the short amount of time they have together. Andrea and Paul Clayton turn up to see Vera and Jack. Shirley Stewart arrives to take Wayne back to the home. Martin and Gail agree to give David an 'official' birthday, this year on New Year's Eve and after that on 25th June. Martin and Gail are both very relaxed and happy around each other. Kevin kisses Natalie but they both agree that they should be just good friends. Roy and Hayley take Wayne back to the home. He is obviously miserable and they are unhappy about leaving him there. Jason Grimshaw, Eileen's eldest son, turns up at No.5 and is introduced to Dennis. Jason is a little hostile. Martin goes to see Rebecca, but from outside sees her kiss someone else, so he leaves.


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