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Peter moves into the corner shop flat. Toyah and Liz are concerned about their jobs when Mike, Fred and Duggie take over. Tyrone is embarrassed about running away and will not speak to Maria about it. Mike asks Betty to come back to the Rovers, she only agrees after she bargains for a pay rise and a holiday. Duggie turns up in the Rovers with a reporter and a photographer to do a story for the local newspaper about saving the pub; however he ignores Fred and Mike, much to their disgust. Audrey talks to Sarah about Glen. Peter asks Ken if he can borrow his car to visit Susan in Scotland for Christmas. Ken is unsure but does agree. Deirdre asks Liz to spend Christmas Day with them. Blanche insults Natalie and accuses her of eyeing Duggie and Fred up. A furious Natalie bites back and, calling Blanche a shining example of most of the folk in Weatherfield, declares she can't wait to get away. Sarah and Candice have a slight row and Candice stomps out.


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