David continues to manipulate Sarah. Liz tells Deirdre about Peter, this is the fuel Deirdre needs to do something about him. Duggie asks Dev to become his financial partner so they can buy the Rovers, but Dev turns him down. Deirdre confronts Peter, Ken overhears and tries to question Peter, but Peter storms out. Deirdre tells Ken about Liz. Ken tells Deirdre to be more understanding, in return Deirdre accuses Ken of being naive. Mr Hartnell visits Roy and Hayley and tells them their fostering chances have not been jeopardised. He tells them that they are just the sort of candidates he is looking for. They are touched to hear this. Sarah leaves Bethany with Martin so that she can meet Glen. She lies to Martin and says she is going to meet Candice. Martin is disappointed as he was looking forward to spending time with her. He later notices the lights go off inside No.8, thinking there are burglars he goes over, instead he finds Sarah and Glen. Martin confronts her and announces to Glen that Bethany is her daughter. Martin is angry with Sarah and Glen leaves in a confused state. Sarah is very upset and pleads with Martin not to tell Gail. Maxine and Ashley get drunk despite their no drinking policy. Duggie gets Fred and Mike drunk and convinces them to become equal partners in buying the Rovers over.


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