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Fred is in an exceptionally good mood due to the defeat of the council, but is taken aback when Roy does not share this sentiment. Duggie tells Fred that the paperwork was fake, used to buy them time. Hayley stayed the night with Alma, she is obviously upset. Natalie announces that she is selling the Rovers. Les is left scrubbing the surveyor's marks off of the street, much to his annoyance, but to the pleasure of the other street residents. Les overhears Ken and Duggie talking about the fake paperwork. When he makes a joke about Hayley, Roy is enraged and shouts at him to get out. Once Les has gone, Roy realises just how upset he is. He goes to Alma's to look for her but she's gone out for a long walk. Roy admits his feelings to Alma; he can't bear to be without Hayley. Les tries to bribe Ken and Duggie about the street but they are able to call his bluff because they now have the official preservation statement. Betty is furious about Natalie's plans to let the Rovers become rebranded as the "Boozy Newt" and so announces to all the customers that Natalie is selling up. She quits and storms out.


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