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Liz, Andy and Steve discuss the trial. Steve wants to appeal; he is also looking for someone to blame. Andy tries to convince him that it is no one's fault. Jack and Tyrone go off in search of Terry. Vera is bitter over Terry's actions and turns to Emma for advice. Emma tells her that she has no legal means of getting the money back. Liz visits Jim and she tries to be positive but Jim seems to be past caring. He claims their wedding was a mockery of a ceremony and since they can't be together they should forget the whole thing. Liz is initially stunned but manages to convince him that she wants to be his wife for the rest of her life, as long as he will be her husband. Jack confronts Terry. Terry admits he is a coward, but he cannot return the money as he has already used some of it to pay off debts. Ken and Roy discuss their petition. Ken informs Roy that they may be able to get a preservation order on the whole street but is concerned that the process is not moving quickly enough. Duggie asks Fred for £75,000 to go towards his new contract but Fred says no. He then approaches Dev who says he will consider it if he and his solicitor can see the contracts. Vera makes up her mind to donate her own kidney.


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