Andrea convinces Terry to see Paul before the operation, but it is clear that Terry is unhappy to do so. Later, Vera tells Terry she is very proud of him. Geena and Dev arrange another date. Deirdre is jealous of their relationship. John Harris briefs Jim before going to court. He tells Jim that he should get no more than twelve months. Terry forces Jack to deposit £25,000 into his bank account by threatening to not go through with the operation. Although Jack calls Terry despicable for this, he still gives in. Duggie is positive about an up-and-coming deal with the council. Liz, Andy, Steve, Natalie, Deirdre and Blanche all go to see Jim in court. Jim pleads guilty. Terry disappears from his hospital bed. Vera spots him heading towards the taxi rank and questions him. Terry apologises, gets in a taxi and drives away leaving Vera confused and upset. Jack then tells her about the money and Vera, distraught, calls Terry a monster. Sylvia Monroe, for the prosecution, and John Harris, for the defence, outline their cases. The Judge sentences Jim to eight years. Liz is devastated, while Margi Quigley is angry with the sentence, as she thinks Jim should get life. Andy and Steve are shell-shocked; Jim is lost and expressionless.


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