Hayley feels her needs won't be met through fostering. Maxine wears Ashley out with her sexual demands as she focuses on getting pregnant. He seeks refuge in the Butcher's Shop to sleep. He feels he can't keep up. Janice tries to matchmake between Eileen and Dennis but he drags his heels. Geena buys Linda a pregnancy testing kit. She is relieved when it's negative. Rita asks Anthony to keep her out of any decision he makes about Isabel's nursing home. He tells Amanda that thanks to her complaining to George Docherty he may have to move Isabel out of the home. Dennis accuses Janice of trying to get him off with Eileen because she feels guilt for dumping him for Les. She tells him that Eileen does genuinely like him. Hayley agrees to foster but warns Roy that she won't rule out adopting. Liz tells Jim she's been missing him for ages and it broke her heart to hear he was with Gwen. Eileen is pleased when Dennis seeks her out to say he'd like to go out with her. Liz stuns Jim by proposing marriage, saying she doesn't want to lose him again. He says "yes".


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Liz McDonald: "If there were a championship for burning bridges I'd have a roomful of gold medals."

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