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Lucille waits nervously for the postman and her exam results. Annie tries to calm her nerves. Jerry tries to think of ways to improve the business. Len at first is not interested but then remembers that they are in a partnership now. Ken asks Len for help in looking over a car he's interested in buying. Ted's daughter writes to Albert asking him not to interfere but he is unmoved by the plea. Mr Charlesworth calls on Albert and warns him that Ted will be a drain on his finances. Lucille gets five 'O' Levels. The Walkers give her a present to congratulate her and a letter from Harry. There is also a phone call booked to Ireland that evening so that she can tell him and Concepta the good news. Ted is hurt by his daughter's indifference to him. Len tells Ken not to buy the car. The residents are shocked and shaken when No.7 suddenly collapses.


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