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Dennis feels awkward staying at No.5 without Les but Janice insists he stays. Debs feels she's made a fool of herself over Duggie. Natalie tells her Duggie is the fool for letting her go. Molly Hardcastle, the practice nurse at the medical centre, introduces herself to the residents. Les expects Janice to take him back when he gives her a bunch of flowers. Dennis warns him that his marriage is falling apart. Janice throws the flowers at him, saying she can't bear to look at him. Out at the pictures, Candice and Sarah pick up a couple of boys, Glen Middleham and Liam Clarke. Vinny is disappointed when Natalie refuses to give him a job at the Rovers. He accuses her of only wanting him around when it suits her. Jim accuses Liz of running away from Michael. She assures him she's only staying around for him and she loves him. Debs and Vinny share a meal and a bottle of wine together and slag off Duggie and Natalie. Glen gives Sarah his phone number but Candice is furious when Liam admits to having a girlfriend. Gail tells Martin his departure has kick-started her life. She's looking forward to the future. Vinny and Debs enjoy each other's company and end up kissing. Les convinces himself Janice has thrown him out in favour of Dennis. He brawls with him in the street, with Janice laying into him, telling him she hates him. Duggie calls on Debs and finds her making love to Vinny. He fights Vinny and tells Natalie what's been happening. Natalie slaps Debs across the face.


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Janice Battersby: "Having 'owt to do with our Les is like waterskiing down the back of the Titanic. He just brings you right down after him."

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