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Tyrone is nervous about Maria meeting his mum. Debs tries hard to get close to Duggie but he keeps her at arm's length and refuses to discuss his business problems with her. Tyrone is upset when his mum phones to say she can't attend his party as she's been arrested for stealing his engagement present. Martin tells Kevin about his affair with Rebecca. He is sad that it's too late to get her back in his life. The Duckworths throw an engagement party for Tyrone and Maria. Les worries about Janice finding his £3,500 but refuses to open a bank account. Curly tells Emma that Raquel never loved him, just used him. He assures her that he feels more for her than he ever did for Raquel. Tyrone tells Maria and her parents that he loves his mother even though she's always in prison and is a slapper. The Sutherlands tell him that she should be proud to have him as a son. The Duckworths tell him that he'll always be part of their family. Debs slaps Duggie when he calls her stupid and self-centred for cutting off a call on his mobile phone. She tells him that she's had enough of his treatment and orders him out of her house.


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