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With the sale of his house going through, Duggie feels he can salvage his business. Gail decides to get a job. Jimmy Sykes questions Curly, trying to work out if Mike was in any way responsible for Dean's death. Jimmy accuses Mike of winding Dean up, annoying Mike who finds the whole situation ridiculous. Hayley and Roy attend an adoption preparation class. He finds talking to other prospective parents hard going. Mike and Linda agree to put the past behind them and wipe the slate clean. Janice is furious to find that Les hasn't paid any of the household bills. She orders him to get a proper job. Dennis finds a buyer for the Vincent motorbike for £8,500. He is annoyed when Les insists that the bike is his. Roy feels an oddball compared to the other prospective parents and worries that he's too strange to succeed. Hayley reassures him that he's special. Emma breaks down, unable to cope with Curly's lack of support over the shooting. He apologises, promising never to let her down again.


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Roy Cropper: "I just see the world different to other people... there's no getting round it. You put me in a room full of ordinary people, I feel like I'm an oddity."

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