Martin is irritated when Gail insists on getting a solicitor. Sally is relieved when Gail suggests they forget their row as she doesn't want to lose their friendship. Sally warns her that there's no such thing as an amicable divorce. Bobbi and Karen plot together and organise a farewell party for Harvey. Anthony talks Rita into visiting the theatre in York with an overnight stay, in separate rooms. Kevin urges Martin to make certain that he gets all the access to the children he wants. Harvey turns on the charm to Bobbi, promising her that he thinks she's special. He then does the same with Karen. Bobbi and Karen play along but both know the score. Steve is amazed when Liz turns up in the street. She is aghast when he tells her about Jim being in prison for manslaughter. Duggie is relieved when he gets a phone call telling him that Phil Simmonds has settled out of court. Maria shows off her engagement ring. The Underworld girls get Harvey drunk and phone Saskia Benson to pick him up. They graffiti his car, pour baked beans over him, sew the words "Slime Ball" on to the back of his suit jacket and tell his fiancée all about his womanising. Bobbi and Karen are victorious. Duggie is horrified to learn the council have dumped him over the article. Gail is horrified when Martin tells her that he wants custody of the children.


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