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Sandra has spent the evening working on a new hair-do for Dennis's benefit. Len, Albert, Stan and Charlie plan to go fishing at the canal. Albert doesn't think they'll catch anything there but is outvoted. Minnie feels lonely with Ena still in America. A tramp asks after Albert at the Laundryer. Elsie fears he's after money and fobs him off. Sandra fantasises about Dennis coming into the shop and seeing her in a new light. Dennis does arrive but doesn't clock her hair until he's about to leave. He doesn't compliment her and only critiques her efforts from a hairdresser's perspective. Annie invites Minnie to Sunday lunch to lift her spirits. Irma is annoyed when David has tea with the Barlows rather than her and Hilda. The men don't catch anything and fall asleep by the canal. Charlie falls in and has to pull himself out when they sit there laughing instead of helping him. Jack tells the tramp where Albert lives when he enquires at the Rovers. Annie tells him that Albert spends most of his time at his daughter's in order to put him off. The tramp looks for Albert at the shop when he gets no response at No.1. Lionel gets rid of him as fast as possible as he smells bad. David assures Irma that he enjoys spending time with her. Lucille looks forward to starting work and having money of her own. Annie warns Albert about the tramp. He discovers the man is an old friend, Ted Bates, and hopes he finds him soon.


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Minnie Caldwell: "The sea's miles away, only this canal that you're going to is only just round the corner. Oh, I could never bring meself to eat the poor little fish you catch from there. Why, it would be like eating yer neighbours."

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