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Natalie is stunned to hear that Jez has died. Jim struggles to come to terms with the fact he must have killed him. The police interview Steve over Jez's beating but he swears that he knows nothing about it. Les takes Janice's ring whilst she's washing-up and returns it to the Rovers. Eunice Gee phones the Duckworths to tell them she wants to sell the Park Road B&B. Steve urges Jim not to take responsibility for Jez's death as he'll go to prison. When he hears that Jim killed Jez, Dev offers Vik money to buy Steve out of the partnership. Vik refuses to give up on a friend. Sarah leaves David to look after Bethany for a few minutes but he goes into the garden, leaving her to cry. Gail is furious to find the baby alone and accuses Sarah of neglect and is annoyed when Martin doesn't back her up. Dennis takes offence when Janice questions him about her missing ring. He packs and leaves. Jim struggles to stay calm when the police question him about Jez's death.


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  • After almost forty years, this was the final episode to regularly feature scrolling credits. From the next day, ITV began displaying credits on a right-hand panel to enable "End Credit Promotions" to be displayed over the majority of the screen. Scrolling credits would still appear occasionally however during autumn 2000.
  • TV Times synopsis: Jim is in turmoil over Jez. Jack and Vera receive bad news.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,600,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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