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Janice is overwhelmed when Les gives her an emerald ring on their anniversary. Emma searches for her lost ring. Sarah gets Hayley to babysit so she can review a band for the school magazine. Steve is horrified when Jez manages to get to his hospital room and tells him they've got scores to settle. As a weakened Steve pleads with him, Jez plays with the equipment surrounding Steve's hospital bed. As he leans over Steve in an attempt to suffocate him, he suddenly collapses with blood pouring out of his mouth. When Gail disapproves of Hayley babysitting, Sarah reminds her that Bethany is her baby and she'll decide what's right for her. Roy is touched to watch Hayley tenderly taking care of Bethany. When she sees Roy with Bethany she is filled with a longing. Toyah recognises Janice's ring as the one found in the Rovers and she warns Les to tell her the truth before she does. Steve and Jim are stunned to be told Jez has died.


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