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Charlie finds Minnie nursing a hangover, having seen Emily out at 3.30am. The bad-tempered landlady sits her lodger down and orders him to get his "tonic water" out of her house. Minnie thinks Bobby is ashamed of her when he hides in the airing cupboard. Emily too has a thumping headache and is unlucky enough to be in the shop when Lionel tests the door bell. David plays in Athletic's first match of the season. Sandra thinks she's too drab to interest Dennis and decides to give herself a makeover but asks Elsie not to tell Dennis. Lucille returns from visiting the Hewitts in Ireland. Emily disables the door bell at Gamma Garments. Sandra helps out as a favour when Emily's assistant catches a chill. She shocks Dennis be refusing go out on a date with him on a Saturday. Lionel and Irma do a stock take at the shop, though Irma's attention to detail leaves much to be desired. Dennis tries to find out from Irma if Sandra is seeing someone else, while insisting that he isn't bothered if she is. David's players win their first match 2-0, with David scoring the second goal himself. He upsets Irma by buying a new suit rather than saving. Dennis has nothing to do so takes Elsie out to the Rovers. He refuses to chase after Sandra. Ken discovers his finances won't run to a car. When Jack tells Annie he's sick of hearing about Arthur Forsyth-Jones, she tries to make him jealous by showing an interest in Lionel.


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