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Maria tries to talk Tyrone out of his plan but he refuses to listen. She insists on going to Blackpool with him. Natalie shows Toyah the ropes at the Rovers. Dev is grateful when Deirdre organises his business correspondents. He asks her to do it on a regular basis, with more money. Tyrone and Maria track Doreen Horton and Tommy down and lie in wait to snatch him. To help Rita feel at ease over her friendship with Anthony, Emily invites them for dinner. Fred takes a two-year lease out on one of Duggie's units, 14 Victoria Street. When Doreen's back is turned Tyrone snatches Tommy, leaving her a note to say that he's safe. Natalie isn't impressed when Toyah refuses to flirt with the customers and orders her to be more accommodating. Vera is delighted when Tyrone and Maria bring Tommy back. Tommy begs Vera to let him stay. Jack thinks the whole situation is a mess.


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