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Jerry is woken up by Len after a rough night's sleep. Len scares him off by pointing out that he's within his rights to call the police but gives him the name of a friend in the trade who's looking for lads. Jack makes Annie think he's forgotten her birthday before presenting her with a necklace. Annie is delighted to receive cards from Lucille, Billy, Joan and Arthur Forsyth-Jones. A mate of Albert's overhears Len and Jerry and leads his friend to believe that Len threatened to bring the police in. Jerry has no luck with Len's contact. Albert storms round to the yard and rows with Len over his treatment of Jerry. Stan stands up for Albert when Len gets heavy with him, telling the pensioner to go home and play with his coins. The bottles start to explode at No.5, scaring Bobby into the coal-hole. Jack gets jealous when Annie goes on about Mr. Forsyth-Jones's card and his poetic message. Charlie and Stan clear up the broken bottles while Minnie brings Lionel over to find out what went wrong. Lionel keeps the men's secret but advises them to leave it to the professionals. Jerry washes at No.11 and is offered a room by Elsie. He agrees to sharing a room with Dennis. Len walks in before she can get Jerry out and gives him his job back plus a room at his house. Emily tries to find out when Ena is returning but Minnie doesn't know. Minnie and Emily test the potent 'tonic water'. Charlie and Stan get drunk on their own beer. Annie is elected chairperson of the LV. Jack gives her a hard time for leaving him to run the Rovers by himself. Minnie and Emily drink themselves to sleep.


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