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Spider is nervous as he goes for promotion. Toyah hopes he doesn't get the job. Rita decides to look into her genealogy. Ken is alarmed when the Gazette is full of letters agreeing to his column. He knows Audrey won't be pleased. At the interview with Mr Bellis, Spider is aware that somewhere along the way he has lost his principles. Les brings a motorbike dredged from the canal back to No.5. Thrilled Dennis agrees to renovate it, with Les hoping that he'll be able to join the Hells Angels when it's up and running. Dennis is stunned when he discovers the bike is a rare Vincent-HRD Series C Black Shadow. Tyrone is thrilled when Monica gives birth to five puppies on Norris's bed. Norris is horrified at the intrusion and feels his grandmother's bedspread has been defiled. He refuses to stay at the Park Road B&B and dumps himself on Rita. Spider gets through to the next stage, telling Toyah that he's determined to make something of himself. Maxine decides Curly and Emma are ideal friend-material. Toyah tells Spider that she doesn't want to be taken care of and he's no longer the man she fell in love with.


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