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Irma and Sandra marvel at the amount of sugar Stan and his cohorts are going through at the shop. Charlie has told Minnie that they're making tonic water but the girls are sceptical. The Barlows celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Ken and Val buy each other a bottle of perfume and a tie, while David gives them a box of chocolates and baby-sits the twins while they go out to the theatre. Dennis has a mysterious new job and waits for his samples to arrive so he can start. David comes up against a couple of insolent workmen, Johnny and Tony, at the Athletic club. He empties their glasses and threatens to report them to Sid Lambert when the men help themselves to the beer. The neighbours wonder about the smell and noise coming from No.5. David invites Irma to keep him company while he's babysitting. Irma isn't sure that Ken will want her in his house but Val tells her to take no notice of him. The workmen get angry when David gives Len more work at the club rather than them and imply that David is taking backhanders. They remind David about the bribery allegation to wind him up. Sandra looks forward to spending the evening alone with Dennis as Elsie always uses her Monday nights to see Dot. At the Barlows', Irma pretends to be clueless in the kitchen to get David to do all the cooking. Elsie is too tired to go out so Dennis and Sandra use the front room where he entertains her on the piano. Elsie joins them and grows nostalgic when Dennis plays her old records on the gramophone. The spring breaks while it's playing as it's so old. Ken and Val return to find David and Irma asleep on the couch. The workmen plan to get their own back on David at the social club dance.


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