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Natalie is horrified to see Jez hanging around the street. She rails at him, calling him scum and tells him she won't rest until he's behind bars. He warns her to be careful. Martin hides in the bathroom when Gail calls on Rebecca, returning her wallet she'd left behind last night, whilst he's there. He's shaken by the close shave. Sally is angry with Danny for getting drunk and warns him that after Greg Kelly she's not getting involved with anyone who turns to the bottle when the going gets tough. He feels they made a mistake opening the shop and should give it up. Emma and Curly go off for a camping weekend. He puts a brave face on all the walking. When they stop for a while at a luxury hotel, he's relieved when she reveals she's been tricking him - she'd booked them a night there all along. More optimistic about the shop, Danny assures Sally he doesn't drink to solve his problems. Steve goes to pay Jez his money back but witnesses him being carted off by the police.


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