Dennis thinks he's being deformed by all the heavy lifting. Elsie is keen to apply for the job of manageress at the Laundryer but doesn't know how to tell Emily. Dennis is humiliated when Irma orders him about at the shop. Sandra fixes a button to his overalls causing Lionel to think they're canoodling. Mrs Claxton gets Len to return Elsie's stocking after she leaves it in the washing machine at the Laundryer. Emily doesn't know how to tell Elsie she's fired. She blurts it out when Elsie mentions that Dennis is thinking of packing in his job at the shop. Elsie shocks her by being fine with it and asking if she can leave earlier than the notice period. Len gives the Rovers regulars the wrong impression about how he came to possess Elsie's stocking. Annie is scandalised when he says that Charlie was with him at the time. The Walkers clash over Jack's bowling match and Annie's Licenced Victualler's meeting, both of which take place this afternoon. Elsie lets it be known that she's resigned from Gamma Garments. Irma is wary about getting married in case she and David end up like the other married couples in the street. Jack gets his way and is ignored by Annie as he sets off for the bowling club. Dennis is shocked when Emily tells him that Elsie was actually fired. He thinks Elsie is trying to save face by saying she left voluntarily. Jack is closer to winning the President's Cup after winning his match. Stan thinks he spends too much time at home. Len, Charlie and Albert start planning a fishing trip with him. Elsie applies at the Laundryer. Dennis considers becoming a rep when he reads that they get paid £3,000 a year plus.


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