Dennis wears a suit and bow tie to the Corner Shop, expecting to be manning the post office counter. Emily makes preparations for her coach holiday and recommends Elsie is made manageress in her absence. Ena sends word that she's staying in America longer. Emily scrambles to find someone to clean the mission until she returns. Annie has to do her washing at the Laundryer when her machine breaks down. Lionel makes Dennis hump stock at the shop, keeping him and Sandra apart. Sandra smuggles a cup of coffee into the yard for him. Len takes the job at the social club. Mr Papagopolous writes to Emily saying he's putting a supervisor over Elsie as she hasn't been with the firm long enough. Elsie intercepts the letter and is furious. Hilda pushes Irma to make a big splash when she marries David. Irma isn't fussed. Lionel makes Dennis white wash the walls in the back yard next. Len and Stan take the mickey. Papagopolous rings the shop and reaches Elsie, who gives him a piece of her mind. Irma tries to be domesticated but fails miserably, burning dinner and wrecking David's socks when she tries to sew them. Elsie gets chatting to Mrs Claxton at the Laundryer and hears that they're looking for a manageress. She's interested when Mrs Claxton tells her that the owner is very hands-off. Papagopolous tells Emily to sack Elsie.


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