Elsie gives Dennis a list of chores to do while she's at work. David finds out that Irma went out dancing with a friend and let herself be chatted up by other men. He orders her not to do it again and she returns the ring. David tackles Ken about his attitude towards the Ogdens. Ken doesn't think the Ogdens are their type but David says they're no different to the Barlows underneath. David makes Ken see that he loves Irma. Len tells Albert he'll only be needed at the yard a couple of times a month. Elsie checks on Dennis and catches him sunbathing in the back yard instead of cleaning. She's struck dumb when he says he's done all the jobs she left for him but the truth emerges when Sandra asks if there's anything else that needs doing. Albert decides to sell his coin collection to a dealer. Lucille lands a temporary job in a factory for the holidays. She plans to start there once she returns from seeing the Hewitts in Ireland. Ken is shocked that Albert is parting with his coins. Albert admits he's hard up but refuses financial help. He expects to get £30 for the collection as his 1869 penny is worth £20 alone. David and Irma make up and get engaged again. Albert makes plans on what to do with the money, including buying a new suit and going to Blackpool. Val tells Ken he's upset Hilda and demands he apologise. Minnie writes Ena, paying sixpence for an air mail letter. Hilda accepts Ken's apology. Lionel grows tired of Sandra spending her time with Dennis and gives him a job at the shop. Mr Spiderwick values Albert's collection at £2 10/-. Albert is crushed to learn that his coins are worthless as they aren't in prime condition.


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David Barlow (to Ken Barlow): "You're just the same as the Ogdens underneath and you know it. You were born 'ere - Coronation Street - with a backyard an' an outside lavatory. Our Dad was a postman an' our Mam was a cleaner in an hotel. There's not much to be proud of in that."

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