Val has to stay away from Peter and Susan for two weeks. Ken takes sick leave from the tech to look after Val and the twins. Elsie demands Dennis make himself useful by white washing the back yard. Minnie receives a letter from Ena with photos of America and shows them around. Ken is shattered after changing the babies' nappies. Lucille looks forward to leaving school. The letter from Ena makes Albert bitter that he doesn't have anything to look forward to. Hilda tries to push her way in at No.9 but Ken shows her the door. He is very brusque with her and is shown to lie about Val being asleep and not having visitors. Dennis invites Sandra over and gets her to do the washing for him while he sits reading the paper. Hilda is upset by how Ken treated her. Stan thinks it serves her right for being a busybody but Irma thinks it was personal. Elsie is amazed by Dennis's handiwork. Albert refuses David's offer to pay more rent now that he's earning, calling it charity, but springs into action when Len asks him to sort out some timber at the yard. Hilda is further offended when Dennis buys baby cream for the Barlows at the shop after Ken asks him. Irma wonders if snobbery runs in the family and has doubts about marrying David. David gets tickets for a concert at the social club but Irma doesn't want to go. When she hints that she doesn't consider herself engaged, David demands to know where he stands.


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