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Linda tells Mike the only way he can prove his love is to make her a salesperson. Gary gets the twins nursery places and plans to restart his window cleaning business. Danny tells Sally he's distracted over the shop idea as his mother keeps having angina attacks. Sarah is upset when Candice's mother refuses to let her be with her because of her reputation. Outraged Gail storms round to their house and rows with her mother, saying Candice is the bad influence. When Audrey finds the residents gossiping about pregnancy, she assumes they're talking about Sarah and lets the truth out. Danny admits to Sally he's been scared of making a big commitment but now wants to. He is thrilled when she invites him to move in with her. Jim promises Gwen not to nag her about money any more. Mike backs down and tells Linda she can be his salesperson. Gail and Martin are horrified when they find the Rovers' regulars discussing Sarah's pregnancy.


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