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Gail is certain Sarah was taken advantage of but Sarah swears she wasn't forced into sex. Alma tells Bob about Audrey's lies. He tells her Audrey's a sad and lonely woman and suggests she moves out of her house. Martin is frustrated that his plans have been put on hold because of Sarah and wishes he could just walk out. Hayley is flattered when workman Stuart Leigh flirts with her. Rebecca tells Martin she knows he'll never be able to walk away from Sarah as she needs him. Jim is sad when Gwen refuses to move in with him, saying she's not ready just yet. Sarah breaks down, wishing her life could go back to normal. Gail promises her everything will be fine. Audrey calls Bob a two-faced liar. She is upset when Alma tells her she's going to move out. Martin is stunned when Gail suggests they bring up Sarah's baby as their own after spending some time in Canada so no one will know the truth.


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