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Sarah breaks down as a stunned Gail is told she's five months pregnant - too late for a termination. Ken discovers Victoria Street used to be called Cartwright Street and wonders why the name was changed. Mark asks Leanne to go to Brussels with him. She is thrilled. Sarah tells Gail she only had sex once and nobody else knows, refusing to divulge the father's identity. Gail shouts at her but comforts her when she cries over her situation. Martin braces himself to tell Gail he's leaving her, but before he can she tells him Sarah is pregnant. Masking his anguish, he refuses to blame Sarah and, the next morning, assures her that she's loved and will be helped. Geena is pleased when Natalie makes her permanent at the Rovers. Rebecca is stunned when Martin tells her the news. She feels she's lost him, knowing he can't leave Gail now. Later, Gail breaks down over Sarah's baby scan, fearful of how people will treat her daughter when they find out. Martin promises her they'll get through it, secretly knowing his plans for a new life with Rebecca are in tatters.


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