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Rita receives Post Office training. Jim is annoyed to discover Gwen's phone has been cut off as she hasn't paid her bill. She explains she used his money to pay her electricity bill. Vinny smarts, telling Natalie he knows his place and feels humiliated. Audrey worries that Bob fancies her and decides to let him down gently. Alma is surprised when Bob tells her he only calls on Audrey to see her. She is flattered. Sarah throws her dinner away, fearing she's getting fat. Jim talks Gwen into letting him lend her the money she needs to pay her debts. Audrey is stunned when Alma tells her she's going out with Bob. Les scrubs graffiti all day only to have it reappear as soon as his back is turned. His community service officer, Mr Weir, thinks he's skiving and threatens to refer him back to the courts.


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