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Duggie is furious when his builders don't show up for work. Leanne tells Will Griffiths that her life is awful. He encourages her to make changes. She feels she'll never have anything. Duggie discovers his main contractor has gone bust and nobody wants to work on the development. Mr Parr, the site manager, is fired and accuses Duggie of pretending to be property developer. Leanne opens up to Will, telling him all about her life but when her session comes to an end she gets upset when he shuts off. He tells her she's doing well but she feels patronised. Rebecca asks Martin to go on a course to Liverpool with her so they can spend a day together. Linda makes clear her dislike of Clare Machin, amusing Mark. Leanne confides in Amy about her drug history. Amy offers herself as a friend and encourages her to tell her everything. Leanne feels she's a loser and breaks down. Tom tells Duggie to keep away from him; he doesn't want him in his life at all.


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