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Toyah begs Leanne not to give up on the counselling for her and Janice's sake; they love her. Alison and Kevin book the wedding and ask Linda and Jim to be their witnesses. When Vik questions Dev about his love life, Dev orders Amy to stop her lies. Martin panics when Leanne sees him hugging Rebecca. Mark moves into Sharon Bentley's old flat, annoying Linda who thinks he's running away from her. Amy confides in Leanne that she's pregnant but Dev has broken their engagement. She is surprised when Leanne warns her babies can drive people apart. Gwen confesses to Jim that her phone's been disconnected so he gives her £70 to pay her bill. Leanne tells Janice and Toyah she's sorry for the way she's been acting and feels rubbish. She tells them she will see the counsellor. They are delighted. Sally is confused when Kevin invites her to his wedding reception. She tells him she's happy for him and urges him not to let his baby come between him and the girls. He promises her he'll love all his children the same. Martin is relieved to discover Leanne didn't actually see him at the hospital. Tom is horrified when Duggie tells him he'll be taking one of the new units for himself. Amy is delighted when Dev tells her he'll marry her for the baby's sake but she has to prove the baby exists.


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