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Mike urges Linda not to leave him, telling her he cares for her and pointing out she can't leave on a Bank Holiday as she has nowhere to go. Audrey loves having Sergei Kasparov around the house and enjoys flirting with him. Leanne asks Steve to lend her £200 to pay Jez but he refuses. Natalie wants her relationship with Vinny kept secret as she's sick of everyone talking about her. Linda resents being treated as Mike's tart and wants some respect. She wants to feel that she's special. Martin is furious to discover Jerry has given Rebecca a black eye. She tells him that she's leaving home. Drunk Linda causes a scene in the Rovers and accuses Alma of scheming to get Mike back. Alma is pleased to see things aren't go smoothly between her and Mike. Frustrated Martin tells Rebecca he's trying hard to be a good husband to Gail. She understands. Steve offers to run a millennium tombola for Emily, thinking he'll rake in plenty of money. Linda leaves Mike. To keep Jez happy, Leanne goes out with him and feels uncomfortable when he comes onto her. She tells him that she's not a little tramp. Audrey is stunned when Sergei tells her that he's a lonely man and asks her to marry him.


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