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Gary spends the day with the Duckworths and is stunned when Terry turns up. Goaded by him, he thumps Terry and a fight breaks out. Jack pulls them apart and Gary leaves with the twins. Mike is uncomfortable when Linda tackles him about his evening with Alma. She accuses him of not thinking her good enough and storms out on him. Sergei Kasparov cooks Christmas dinner at No.4, impressing Doreen and Audrey who both find him attractive. Natalie entertains Jim, Kevin and Curly but finds their conversations to be extremely depressing. The last straw comes when it becomes clear Curly is about to make a move on her, and she opens up the Rovers. Vinny was meant to eat with them but can't be found. Martin and Rebecca have a frantic time in casualty when a young boy dies on them after being knocked down. Ken finds Alma hiding away at Audrey's house and insists she spends the day with him and Deirdre. Jack tells Terry what he thinks of him and how much misery he's brought down on Gary before leaving the B&B in disgust at his son's behaviour. As Terry tries to defend himself Vera finally snaps, slaps him across the face and tells him she never wants to see him again in her life. She throws him out and breaks down. Fred, thinking Ashley and Maxine are having a baby, gives them the house as a present only to find out that the addition to the family is a kitten that Ashley gives Maxine. Jack arrives at No.9 and apologises for Terry. Tyrone consoles Vera and tell her how much she and Jack mean to him, and the two follow Jack round to Gary's for a belated Christmas meal. Fred admits to Ashley why he gave him the house, but doesn't regret the gift in light of the truth. Martin comforts Rebecca over the death of the boy, Simon and they end up making love in a hospital storeroom. Later, at home, he feels guilty, especially when Gail makes love to him. After closing the pub, Vinny and Natalie acknowledge their attraction to each other and kiss.


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Notable dialogue[]

Fred Elliott (giving 4 Coronation Street to Ashley and Maxine Peacock as a Christmas present): "Me pressie's not under t'tree - the tree's under t'pressie."


Vera Duckworth: "You scum! You're evil, you - evil! Everything you touch turns rotten."
Terry Duckworth: "Yeah? Well, it must be the way I was brought up."


Audrey Roberts: "My tummy thinks my mouth's gone on strike."
Gail Platt: "Well, there's not much chance of that, is there mam?"

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