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The factory workers hold a Christmas party with their partners. Mike sits through an hour of it before telling Linda that he can't cope with it any more and is leaving. Kevin has an early Christmas with the girls, sad that he won't see them on the day. Jim is disappointed when Gwen tells him that she's going to her sister's for Christmas. He fears she's giving him the brush off and goes home, accusing her of ignoring him all evening. Mike finds Alma drinking in the Rovers and talks her into going for a meal. She feels uncomfortable eating with him but he tells her that he just hopes they can be friends. They both agree they don't want to just wipe the past out. Mark is amused when the factory girls debag him. Ken gives Tyrone his first reading and writing lesson. Linda takes her friends back to the flat to party. Mark thinks it's a bad idea but she refuses to listen and helps herself to Mike's drinks. Sally tells Kevin that she's had a card from Alison saying she's working in a cafe in Morecambe. Mike tells Alma that Linda makes him very happy. Fred overhears Ashley talking about a new addition and jumps to the conclusion that Maxine is pregnant. Mike is furious to find the factory girls in his flat and throws them all out, humiliating Linda.


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