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The Duckworths make a fuss of Tyrone on his seventeenth birthday and pay for his first lot of driving lessons. When Curly shows concern about Nita's career, she accuses him of having heard she's easy. Kevin is annoyed when Sally tells him they're going away with Danny over Christmas, but he doesn't make a fuss. Gwen pushes Jim into inviting her round for a meal. Linda advises Nita to carry on sleeping her way to the top; sex is a weapon to be used. The Platts meet Rebecca's husband Jerry at the nurses' party. They are appalled by the way he treats her. Gail makes an effort and finds she likes Rebecca. Tyrone admits to the Duckworths that he can't read or write. Norris suggests that Rita opens a sub-post office in The Kabin. She is taken with the idea. Rebecca tells Martin she can't cope with Jerry any more. He tells her that he's always around for her. Toyah sees Leanne buying drugs from Jez and is stunned, laying into her. Leanne tells her that she's nothing to her. Toyah tells her to go ahead and kill herself.


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