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Nita is pleased to have spent the night with James Kitching. Fred dresses as Santa and forces Ashley into an Elf costume to sell reindeer meat. No one wants to buy it so Fred stages an attack on Santa's grotto until the children cry and one kicks him in the ankle. Anguished Gail doesn't know where Martin is and fears he's left her. Spider and Toyah plan a flat-warming party. Steve is alarmed when Jez Quigley tells him Lee Sankey's in prison for drug dealing. Jez decides to take over his patch. Alma calls for the last of her belongings at the flat and ends up nursing Mike through a headache. Linda is annoyed to find them together and tells Alma she's put all her rubbish in bin bags. Gail is relieved when Martin returns. She begs his forgiveness but he tells her their marriage is in danger and it's her fault.


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